Slap Happy Cream Reviews

If you are those men who do not like their masturbation period and the after period, then there is a product for you. Masturbation is a session that should be enjoyed.

Other than the privacy and the feeling of full control, everyone should enjoy a period alone with full sexual pleasure. However, most of us do not.


What should have been an happy moments is sometimes laced with doubt. Slaphappy is here to ensure that masturbation is enjoyable once again.

What is this cream all about?

Slap happy is a masturbation cream. The cream is designed to be used during masturbation. It works when you need it to and keeps your masturbation experience one that is full of pleasure.

It is not just a cream that helps in lubricating the process but it is also a male enchantment product used as a masturbation lotion and sex enhancer.

You do not need a partner to use the cream. You can do it all on your own to pleasure yourself. On the other hand, if you have a partner, then you can include your partner in your period of pleasure to enhance the sexual experience.

The cream has the ability to warm your body and enhance your sexual feeling. This effect results to enhanced sexual desire.

How it works? Is it a scam?

First you need to undress and be in a comfortable place. If you are going to use the product for masturbation, you need to ensure that you are in a private location and you have all your sexual stimulants ready.

If you are doing it with your partner you should all be ready before getting the lube. All you have to do during your sexual experience is take the product and apply it gently on your hands.

You will then apply it on your penis and stroke it as you masturbate with the cream lubricating the process. If you are having sexual intercourse then you will apply the cream just before you enter your partner. The product works in the following ways

Increased blood flow to the penis

The product perks up the user’s sexual libido by enhancing the flow of blood to the penis. This activity has the effect of increasing sexual pleasure by quickly warming and heightening your sexual desire.

A normal erection involves increased blood flow to the penis and loosening of the muscles to feed the cells with all the blood they need to sustain the erection and have an interesting intercourse.

The blood flow is also influential in increasing the size of the organ. The lube gives a combination of these advantages translating to improved sexual activity.

Lubricating the organ

The product is used as a lube for intercourse and can also be used for manual stimulation. Masturbating by hand is never healthy to the skin of the penis.

The hand rubs on the skin causing friction that in most cases affects the penis negatively. You may not enjoy the full potential of your sexual excitement.

With the cream, the procedure is lubricated. The flow is easy and worthwhile. You get to enjoy the time you have.

Nice scent

The cream smells good. Part of sexual enticement and enjoyment is in the smell of the episode. The cream keeps the aura of the environment refreshing with a nice smell.

You do not get to worry about scents that would kill your mood for sex. The cream is scented. You get to enjoy sex by yourself or your partner without worrying about any smells that you will not like.

Is it a scam?

Slap happy is not a scam. The product enhances sex through scientifically recognized methods. It employs the understanding of sex from a scientific perspective to make it better for people who engage in the activity.

You do not have to worry about being shortchanged because how the scream works is logical and straight forward.

The ingredients

To know more about the product and understand why it is not a scam, it is important to assess the ingredients of the product.

Slap happy has a list of ingredients that makes it effective in its application. The formula contains natural ingredients such a glycerin that do not affect the user in any way.

The brand however does not disclose its ingredients other than indicating that the ingredients are of moderate PH that it optimum for the body organs performance.


The cream is soft even as it increases the pleasure of having sex. You have the advantage of feeling the sexual pleasure even as you get an easy sex

The product maintains the PH of the skin. When using it, you do not have to worry about the destruction of the skin through corrosion. It does not destroy the natural biome like other products do.

When using the product, you have the benefit of enjoying a pleasant scent. The cream has an erotic scent that adds to the pleasure of sexual intercourse

Pros of the product

  • The formula used to enhance sex is safe. You should not expect any side effects when using the product
  • The cream makes the skin smooth and nice to look at. Using the cream continuously improves the look of the skin
  • You can use it daily or as regularly as you like without the fear of suffering dire consequences. It is one of the product that do not accumulate in the skin and cause unwanted effects
  • You can use it anywhere privately. It makes masturbation better and comfortable without introducing other external sexual stimulants

Side effects

There have not been any reported side effects from use of the product. It is safe to use for all types of people unless you are allergic to some of the ingredients used.


This is the product to buy if you need to have an enjoyable time by yourself or your partner. It is among the few male sex enhancing creams that is specially developed with the interest of the user at heart.

It is worth every cent spent on it because it delivers value for money. Buy it and have a fulfilling life full of unlimited sex.