Hard On Demand Reviews

Hard On demand is a book written on how you can treat erectile dysfunction naturally without using artificial ways like medical pills.

This will help people from suffering side effects that come from pills since they will be acquiring them from foods. It will also guide people who have lost hope of healing from erectile dysfunction.


Hard On Demand is a health and fitness book written by Brad Stevens who has suffered erectile dysfunction for a while. During his suffering, he reached a point where he could not get an erection.

At first, he declined that he did not have erectile dysfunction until his wife Angie who had gone ahead to tell his family to be specific his sister Janice who later told Stevens about the issue that Angie was dissatisfied with him because he was not receiving enough sex.

Angie was planning to find another person who would satisfy her. The author later visited a urologist who told him to try Viagra but didn’t work.

In fact, Viagra had some side effects and the erection of Viagra was only liable for 4 hours after that there was no erection it went away.

The author searched a solution after Viagra had caused priapism (side effect of Viagra) after the priapism effect Brad and his Angie sought never to use medical pills again.

The author came up with a solution to solve erectile dysfunction without using medical pills. This gave him the motivation to write this book.


The book has different characters:

Urologist-This is the first person Stevens visited after realizing he has erectile dysfunction. The doctor gave him Viagra whose erection got lost after 4 hours.

The Viagra letter made Stevens suffer more due to its side effect (priapism) which made the doctor drain blood from Stevens pennies. The ordeal at the urologist was painful for Stevens but he went through.

Angie-This is the wife to Brad Stevens who complained about the situation Stevens was undergoing through. He even planned on how he could find another person who would satisfy her sexually.

Friends with the same problem-After discovering on how you can prevent erectile dysfunction he produced a notebook which was received well by the user.

Angie’s friends also received the messages from friends who congratulated Stevens for the article as it had helped them since some had the same problem.


The book is not a scam as it has helped people to avoid erectile dysfunction by not using medical pills but rather using the theory of blood flow.

Many may not believe but the author explains using his theory of allowing blood vessels to naturally relax and keeping your blood from leaving soon.


  • If you read the program ( Hard On Demand) and use the solutions explained by Stevens, if you had the problem it will heal and your sexual activity will improve rapidly.
  • The program remedies are natural which helps one to avoid sequences of medical pills like Viagra which bring effect to the penis that may lead to drainage of blood from the penis.
  • If you are on the bridge of losing your marriage or relationship due to erectile dysfunction (Hard on Demand) is the solution it will bring peace to your relationship i.e Stevens restored her relationship when he healed from Erectile Dysfunction since Angie had lost trust in Stevens and their relationship was nearly breaking.
  • It also covers foods which when taken helps in avoiding erectile dysfunction due the nutrients contained in the foods.
  • Avoid embarrassment –some people may fear to go to the doctor to explain what they are going through due to some shyness. The product will help you to treat your erectile dysfunction while seated at home without anyone realizing your problem.
  • It's affordable- Using the hand on demand will be cheaper compared to medical pills. It costs Stevens$35 per tablet which he could use half of the money to buy foods that would have healed her erectile dysfunction.
  • No side effects when using Hard on Demand. Since this product relies mostly on natural ways especially foods which have no side effects compared to using of medical pills such as Viagra that cause side effects that complicates the situation leading you to further medication.


This product is for both young and old men who are either married or not. This will help them to recover your sexual energy which every man wants in life.

This product is real and will help a lot of people by gaining their confidence and leading to happier lives.


The product is really changing lives of men with or without erectile dysfunction. The product explains how the body needs Nitric oxide for muscles to work.

The level of nitric(v) oxide in the body determines how long the erection can last, can it last for a long or short time. Nitric(v) acid causes your muscles to relax and allow blood to rush into your penis when it gets hard.

Stevens further explains that the body also produces phosphodiesterase type 5.(PSDE5) which is a chemical that is released after having sex when you no longer feel aroused.

But for many, it’s released all the time, or released too soon, or released at random times. He also explains how amino acids help in the production of nitric(v) acid.

The author further explains in his book which foods to use so as to get the amino acids. Mainly the product emphasizes on blood circulation as the key factor to treat erectile dysfunction.

The author talks about medical pills as erection killers.It also goes ahead to explain to explain how to maintain harder and longer erections during bedtime.


I recommend this for the guys who are looking for long time relationships that will stay longer free from erectile dysfunction.

The price for the product is cheap and everyone can afford it. The food described are common foods and anyone can have access to the foods.

The type of language the author uses is easy, simple vocabulary and can be understood by everyone. Most people have given positive feedback about the product which I go on to tell people to use the product as it has no effects.