Ejaculation Guru Reviews

Millions of men suffer from premature ejaculation. This is a serious problem that has caused serious issues for many relationships.

Ejaculation guru is a step by step guide that uses an all-natural approach to teaching men how to increase their stamina. The product is so amazing because the average Joe can use Ejaculation Guru and can quickly and successfully get results.


This guide instructs men on how to recondition their bodies so that they can last longer during sex. Masturbation is a common practice among men.

However, most men are doing it incorrectly and they do not even know it. In fact, most men masturbate in a way that causes them to ejaculate quickly. They are totally unaware that what they are doing is the culprit of their sexual problems.

Who is the author?

Jack Grave is the author of Ejaculation Guru. He is an average guy that was really bad at sex. In fact, Jack could only last for 10 seconds.

He was so terrible at sex that his once committed lover cheated on him. She grew tired of never being sexually fulfilled by Jack. After that heartbreak breakup Jack set out to find a solution for his premature ejaculation.

He studied, read, and implemented everything that he could get his hands on about premature ejaculation. He finally found a system that worked for him.

He wanted to help other men avoid what he went through. He has helped millions of other guys with the same ejaculation problems.

What is included in the program?

The Ejaculation Guru program comes with an amazing step by step guide full of techniques that will help the average guy go from a sexual zero to a stamina filled hero.

There are tested techniques that help men to gradually increase their intercourse time. Many men have increased their performance time to an amazing 30 minutes or more. Along with the guide comes the first bonus which is a video called Rapid Stamina Increase.

This video serves as a visual guide that shows men how to quickly increase their stamina and gain better control over their ejaculation.

The second bonus is called Last Longer during Foreplay. This bonus helps men to avoid over stimulation during foreplay. Also, men will learn how to press the sexual buttons of women so that she will experience an orgasm before he does.

The third bonus is called Multiple Orgasm Oral Sex. This book teaches men how to perform oral sex the right way. The techniques in this book are so effective that they show guys how to make a woman come more than once.

This book also helps to activate the law of reciprocity. When the techniques are implemented well women will have no choice but to return the favor.

The fourth bonus is called 101 Sex Tips She Will Go Wild for. Many men think they know what women want when it comes to sex. However, this could not be further from the truth.

101 Sex Tips She Will Go Wild for is exactly that. All of these tips combined will ensure that she will be satisfied because he will know exactly what to do.


How does it work?

Ejaculation Guru uses neuro linguistic programming to help men learn how their body works and how to control and enhance the quality of their erections.

There are 4 muscles that are necessary for an ejaculation to occur. Ejaculation Guru instructs men on how to train these muscles so that they can last longer.

There are important physical and psychological things that must occur in order for men to be able to last for a longer period of time during sex. Ejaculation Guru outlines exactly what those things are.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

The ideal candidate for Ejaculation Guru is a man who is tired of suffering from premature ejaculation. This man may feel that there is no solution for his problem.

He has paid money going to sex therapist, paying for pills, creams, and extenders with no success. He has dealt with sexual performance anxiety.

He is tired of his sexual problems controlling his self-esteem and relationships.This man wants to take control over his sex life with practical steps that make logical sense. He also does not want to do weird rituals to be able to satisfy his partner.

List of Pros

  • All natural solution, there are no chemicals or creams necessary
  • There are no recurring payments draining the bank
  • There are no weirdo techniques that have to be performed
  • Helps to increase stamina progressively over time
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Reveals the common mistakes men make when masturbating

Does The Product Work?

Most men have been misinformed about sex from the beginning. Men also try to imitate what they see porn stars do. In real life their efforts fall short because they are not porn stars and neither are their lovers.

Pornography is an intense recreation of reality. It should not be used as a guide for how to please a woman.

Normally, men get advice from guys who have no earthly idea about science or what women want, period. Ultimately, most men do not know how their body works or how to control their erections.

Ejaculation Guru does work. Biological and psychological science backs it up. If the steps and the techniques are followed exactly then there will be a gradual increase in sexual performance time and premature ejaculation will no longer be an issue.


I would recommend Ejaculation Guru because I witnessed first-hand how using this guide has helped me to go from 1 minute to 30 minutes in a matter of weeks.

Sex was not something that I looked forward to. This was because I knew that may wife was not going to be satisfied. This guide saved my marriage.


My wife is now satisfied. I know because there are some unspoken things that she does now that she never did before. She initiates sex now more than twice a week.

I could not be a happier man. I would recommend this book to any man is that is having premature ejaculation problems. You will be surprised at how these simple techniques will help to supercharge your sex life.