Nexus Pheromones Reviews

There has been many researches done in the recent past on how man can improve their dating approach. A number of these studies have been in regard to pheromones and the effects it has on women attraction.

It is true that most men fantasize and dream of being approached by beautiful ladies but the rarely happens in reality. The researchers who came up with the Nexus pheromones claim that they have found the hidden code of women attraction.

It has always been a wonder to me if it is true that it can replicate good human scent and if it really does what it is so much campaigned for.

That is the sole reason why I decided to dedicate time do my own in-depth research on Nexus Pheromones to determine if the claims were substantiated.

The main aim of the study was for my own consumption and also to help other consumers or interested parties get the facts right about it.

This review cover that definition of the product, its workability, the ingredients it has, any side effects associated with it, benefits and where you can readily purchase it if it interests you.

What Are These?

Ever noticed how some men you would consider to be ugly are hot cakes for women? They always seem to have some magnet that attracts women to them.

This is the effect of pheromones they have, they trigger responses in every woman around them. It looks unreal, but studies have shown that when a man has this sexual pheromones, women become sexually responsive and are more willing to flirt with them and find it hard to resist advances.Strong health and physically fit men are known to have more sexual pheromones scents compared to obese men. Natural scent is the secret to attracting women.

Nexus pheromone compounds have been recreated to mimic these killer natural scents and amplify it several times to create a solution for men to be more attractive to women.

How Do This Pheromones Work?

Pheromones contain chemicals that produce a scent. Men naturally contain glands all over their bodies that secretes active pheromones.

When a woman gets to smell this information is transferred to her brain and it bypasses the conscious mind directly to the subconscious part of the mind.

She wont even realize that anything is going on. These magic chemicals find their way to the brain's behavior center and immediately, a woman's behavior is altered and greatly impacted.

This effect is commonly termed as “Releaser Effect” and Nexus has been designed to achieve this many times more than the natural scent.

Specifically, it is used to boost the effect where natural scent has been washed away or suppressed by the deodorants. Unhealthy living style is also known to limit production of natural scent and in this case, Nexus can be used.


With a scientific prove, Nexus pheromones contains seven powerful human pheromone compounds. These include:

Androstenone. This is a compound that is responsible for male dominance and most importantly, it makes men attractive to their female counterparts.

Alpha-androstenol. This chemical is commonly secreted together with sweat. It not only is responsible for attracting women to a man but also serves to make them comfortable when around a man.

Androsterone: This male pheromone is a natural female mood elevator and is mainly responsible for masculine appearance.

Epiandrosterone: It has anti-aging properties and makes men have a youthful vigor and appearance that they would otherwise not have had.

Beta-androstenol: This pheromone is a male confidence booster. It is also commonly referred to as the ice breaker and is responsible for inducing feelings of relaxation and friendliness in women.

Androstedienone: This is the love pheromone. It increases sexual responsiveness of women, increase intimacy feeling and makes women have a caring feeling.

Androstanone. This is the male power house hormone and also increases masculinity.

How To Use It

Nexus can be used together with other cologne. Since each chest or neck spray can last for up to eight hours, users need to spray it between one to three times a day.


Due to my critical nature, I could not stop at just knowing that using Nexus is such a good idea. I had to research on the advantages of using this magical product as it seems.

This information might help other consumers and even you reach a decision whether or not this product is suitable for them. Outlined below are some of the benefits of Nexus.

  • It works on the target on a very healthy natural way and at a subconscious level.
  • The product development is scientifically proven and has been in use and tested for over 12 years.
  • Has rich ingredients that are not only great women magnets, but also good for health manhood development.
  • It creates a very natural attraction and masculinity.
  • Nexus pheromones are made in a health manufacturing facility that is worldly recognized to have great scientific and health standards

Side Effects

Since it is natural and produced by the body, science has not been able to highlight the side effects Nexus has on human health.

Where To Buy Nexus Pheromones

Convinced of its unique nature, I set out to try one myself. However, it was unfortunate for me when I could not find it in any of the local drug stores or chemists.

This led me to further research on the availability of the Nexus. To avoid replication and fake designs, the manufacturer of Nexus allows it to be sold only by accredited dealer on an official website.

You have to buy it online or straight from the manufacturer. This is definately a down side of this product, but with the increasing online marketing, you are able to get it within only a few days of ordering.

At first, it seemed to me unbelievable that Nexus could accomplish the many things that marketers promised. With an extensive research, the science behind it, the natural ingredient and the attracting power it has on women i am amazed at what it can do. It is worth trying out.