Erection Fitness Reviews

It is safe to say that in the current society, a lot of people are very self-aware of areas in which they consider themselves to be sub-par and this is more so the case with private parts and more so for the men.

There is a notion that the size of one’s penis plays a significant role in one’s performance in bed. Because of this, a lot of men that would consider themselves to have small members are running up and down looking for products that can be able to boost their sizes.

While most of them have not offered the results that they expected, erection fitness is a program that seeks to change this and give all men that have small members a reason to look into the future with renewed hope.

What is Erection Fitness all about?

Erection fitness is an online program that is dedicated to offering men a step by step guide on different penile exercises that they can pursue that would lead to an enlargement not only in length but also the girth of their members without having to use any drugs.

The program has tons of videos and tutorials that guide men on how using only their bare hands correctly, they can be able to considerable grow the size of their penis in a time frame of about 120 days which to say the least sounds very impressive.

On the official website, it is stated that the program is more like a bodybuilder’s routine. To add credibility to the program, it is worth noting that this is program is manufactured by a company known as Leading Edge Health LLC that has created a reputation making quality supplements for men’s sexual health as well as general health.

How does this program work? Is it a Scam?

Most people have argued that the penile tissue is not a muscle and hence the word fitness would not offer any changes in any aspect hence dubbing the erectile fitness program as a scam.

However, they could not be any further from the truth. This is because, the erectile fitness program is not all about the muscle. It employs a system that is referred to as progressive overload that was derived by Thomas Delorme.

He used this system to rehabilitate World War II veterans to strengthen not only their muscles but ligaments as well as connective tissues the latter of which are present in the penis.

The erection fitness program is strongly based on this this formula and has been found to have far fetching results because the approach takes a three pronged structure that aims at stimulating the body’s own self growth abilities in a natural and permanent way.

What this means is that you do not have to worry about the results being reversed in the event that you stop pursuing the program.

Given the results that the progressive fitness program has been able to achieve and its application in erection fitness it is safe to say that the program does work and it is not a scam.

What are the ingredients?

The program does not feature any medications, drugs or lubricants and hence there are no ingredients to be discussed. However, we can have a look at some of the things that one gets with every purchase they make of the erection fitness program.

These include a daily workout sheet that covers the entire 120 days of the program, a clear set of instructions for the exercises that one is expected to carry out, tips on how to get maximum results from the program, timelines as to when you should expect to see some considerable change, full video instructions for each exercise, guide on how to measure the progress that you have made as well as how to stay motivated and as a bonus, the program also shows you how to build up up to half an hour of erection control.

This eliminates premature ejaculation once and for all for a better and more satisfying sex life.


With such a diverse collection of features and comprehensive understanding of the biological anatomy of the penis, you would expect there to be quite a vast collection of benefits and true to that, there are a number of benefits that users who opt to use erection fitness stand to gain.

  • There is no use of any drugs or supplements and hence the user does not risk suffering from allergic reactions that might arise from the use of such products.
  • The program has been clinically proven to offer results and the fact that it has been created by professionals that understand the functioning of the body means that it is safe to use.
  • It has no side effect whatsoever and has been approved to be 100% safe for use.
  • Comes with bonuses worth more than $125.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee to ensure you of value for your money as well as an assurity that the program will work without a doubt.
  • If the number of positive customer reviews flooding in is anything to go by, it is safe to say that the program does deliver significant results and the customer reviews are evidence to this.

Does the program have any side effects?

As you would expect, it is only fair for one to be concerned about the side effects that they may suffer from using a program that works on such sensitive areas.

Considering that there are no chemicals, pharmaceutical, supplements or even lubricant products that are used in the program, the chances of there being a side effect other than the significant growth that one is looking for is highly unlikely.

This is the beauty of the erection fitness program. The only side effect is what you are looking for – significant growth in length and girth of your penis.

Where to buy this program.

In most cases, the program is readily available on the internet on a variety of websites. However, while some might even offer you close to zero prices, it is highly advised that you buy the program from the official site.

Not only because of the bonuses and money back guarantee that you are able to get, but also because of the safety and also the fact that should you run into problems with the use of the program, you can be able to easily get support.