The Ejaculation Trainer Reviews

First, let us make it clear from the get-go that the Ejaculation Trainer does not involve an actual person teaching you guidelines on how to effectively prevent premature ejaculation.


Nor does it make use of professional video presentations or webinars. It is, like the many specialized instructional guides or tutorials already being marketed and distributed on the Net, an ebook – a simple ebook that is 122 pages long and can be acquired instantly by the user upon purchase, to be exact.

The only thing that is making it different from most ebooks out there – what makes it truly stand apart – is that it actually works.

Indeed, a lot of its satisfied users would probably say part of the reason as to why it has been such a success is because of its direct, no-nonsense approach to solving men's premature ejaculation woes.

Almost every page in its nine-chapter expanse – from the Table of Contents to the very last page – is a wealth of information and helpful advice that offer answers to the most common questions that linger in men who suffer from the said condition.

Not a single drug or supplement is advised, as the method makes use of natural treatment. This results in a safe and long-lasting solution to premature ejaculation without having to rely on cash-burning pills and gels which, more often than not, could have undesirable side effects.

The Man Behind The EjaculationTrainer

And who, you might ask, is behind this seemingly godsent ebook? It is none other than Matt Gorden, a professional sex educator and author who has compiled years of his experience in handling and curing premature ejaculation into Ejaculation Trainer.

What makes Matt an interesting coach is that he has confessed that he had been suffering from premature ejaculation as well – even as he was teaching couples how to improve their sex lives!

And perhaps this very fact contributed to his success as well because, like the many men who are suffering from premature ejaculation in the world, he also tried a lot of the common “remedies” which allegedly help men overcome premature ejaculation because he, himself, used to suffer from it.

From pills and special condoms to creams and gels, none of it worked for him. What made it worse is that he was coaching and advising his clients to use the same tools – of course, to no avail. It made him feel terrible – he even admitted to viewing himself as a fraud.

This significant blunder is what drove him to learn and discover a natural way that would actually work. And, thankfully, after years of dedication to researching natural treatments to premature ejaculation, his dream has finally come to fruition.

He has discovered an all-natural system that can deliver permanent results, its entire process and methodology expounded on in Ejaculation Trainer.

Truth About The System

The ebook is made up primarily of a 5-step method that users have to follow closely in order to ensure effective and fast results in ridding themselves of their premature ejaculation for good.


In the introduction, the ebook will cite the root causes of premature ejaculation and explains how each affects your ejaculation practices.

All of these are written in a very professional yet personal and conversational way, making it easy for users to stick to the steps.

As you go through the process, Matt offers complementary tips, sexual and breathing techniques as well as safety measures while doing each step.

There are also very effective and practical techniques that the user can learn like how to condition the reflexes controlling your ejaculation to last longer, handle the feelings of pleasure that result from sexual arousal and stimulation better, and also learn about the different stages of arousal and multiple types of orgasms in men.

With that said, the program is perfect for…

Just about anyone who has had the unfortunate and embarrassing experience of ejaculating prematurely while trying to enjoy an intimate and memorable moment with his partner.

This ebook is also recommended to doctors and other sex educators who want to teach their patients and clients a sure and long-term workaround to their premature ejaculation.

The Pros

  • There is no denying the fact that the success of Ejaculation Trainer can attributed mainly to its progenitor, Matt Gorden. His method, simply put, is very efficient and is obviously based on actual experience and verified scientific facts. And his thorough approach that involves tackling the problem head on is agreeable to just about any man who wants to be free of this mortifying condition as soon as possible.
  • The price for which the ebook is being offered, considering the lifetime knowledge and results that users can get from it, is reasonable enough. As of this writing, its original price has been practically cut in half and is now available for a bargain price of $49.99

But… does the system REALLY work?

We will tell you, right here and now, that the ebook is not claiming that it is some Holy Grail that can miraculously cure anyone's premature ejaculation outright.

Like its author, you have to do your part as well. What is great about Ejaculation Trainer is that it encourages men to deal with this obviously sexual problem on their own without the aid of risky solutions like creams, gels, drugs, and others.

If that simple notion would not bring out the inner Man in you, the one that tackles any obstacle that comes his way with only his own willpower and capabilities at his disposal, then what would?

So before you decide whether you will buy this ebook or not, you must already have answers to such questions as “Will I be willing to invest time in doing each step in the ebook properly?” and “Can I condition my mind and body to stick to a long-term procedure?”


Once you have prepared yourself, once you have sights only on that ultimate goal of conquering your premature ejaculation, then the proven working methods and procedures taught by Ejaculation Trainer would be all the more easy to do.

And without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons why many satisfied men have succeeded in defeating their PE while using Ejaculation Trainer.